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(03/15/17):  Dearest OQ'ers, Florida Ophthalmologists are in need of your help!  The proposed Optometry scope expansion bill, HB 1037, has passed the state's House Health Quality Subcommittee! 

Florida is in real-danger of allowing non-Ophthalmologists to perform surgery including PRK/LASIK.  We all know what the "end game strategy" is with these scope expansion bills.  Every state that falls makes it easier for other states to follow the same fate.  Please watch some of the debate and how uninformed some delegates can be.  Take the time to write to your delegates to educate them on how unnecessary and dangerous these scope expansion bills are.  Do we really hear the public crying, "I can't get my emergency PRK or YAG capsulotomy done in a timely manner!!".  Ask your friends and family to write to their delegates if they support our profession.

Again, please contribute to your state's Ophthalmology society or the AAO's Surgical Scope Fund to protect our patients and our profession.  It is time we all united to stand up instead of always being on the defensive.

Lastly, we apologize about these mass e-mails.  If you do not want to receive them, please go to "Your Name > My Settings" to toggle off the e-mailed announcements.  We don't like mass e-mails, but this is a very significant issue facing all of us.

(03/09/17):  Dearest OQ'ers:  watch some of the debate raging on regarding the Optometry scope efforts in Georgia.  You can view some of the testimonies here and witness how hard some of our Ophthalmology colleagues are fighting for your future!  Again, please contribute to your state's Ophthalmology society or the AAO's Surgical Scope Fund to protect your future.  It is time we all united to stand up for our profession.

(02/25/17):  We know that everyone is super busy studying for their exams.  However, just in case you were not aware, the surgical privileges of Ophthalmology are under intense attack by Optometrists all across the country.  Take a few minutes and watch false testimony like this (02/21/17) and understand the gravity of the situation.  If you value the intense training you have undergone to gain the privilege of operating, then please donate to the AAO's Surgical Scope Fund.  Even a few dollars can help this important cause.  Also, contact your local representatives and inform them of the dishonesty that is being propagated by these Optometry expansion bills.  No one should be able to legislate their way to operating on patients especially on false pretenses of lack of access to care.  Take action now!

(09/30/16):  Just a reminder that you will be receiving a free database reset on January 1st, 2017.  Again, upon your first reset, your performance for the academic year is "locked".  In other words, any subsequent performance is not recorded until July 1st, 2017 after your database reset during the current academic year.  You may elect to use this free database reset at any time after you receive it (i.e. you are not forced to use it).

(11/01/15):  The physical invitations have been sent out to those on our final guestlist.  We look forward to seeing some of you OQ'ers in a few short weeks!

(09/29/15):  We have finalized our guest list for the Vegas party.  We have sent an e-mail specifically to those on this final guestlist.  If you did NOT receive an e-mail from us, then unfortunately, you did not make the list.  There was great demand for the limited number of spots.  BUT if you still want to go, you can pay us the "at-cost" price that the club is charging us.  Please contact us if that is something you want to do.

(09/20/15):  For now, we have filled our tentative guest list for the party!  We will be e-mailing everyone on that list an "official" notification in the next week or so.  This list will likely contain approximately 130 names to account for no-shows.  We have only paid for 125 total guests, so only the first 125 guests that show up will be granted admission to the event.  If you don't end up on the final guestlist, but still really want to go, then please contact us to see how we can accommodate you.

(09/18/15):  Yes, we are throwing a small party at the AAO in Vegas!  If you will be present and want to go, please send us an e-mail with the subject "OQ Vegas Party".  We will be organizing the guest list in the following priority:  (1) Has an active subscription to OphthoQuestions; (2) Had a previous subscription to OphthoQuestions; and (3) Order in which we receive the e-mail.  We can only accommodate a limited # of guests, so please reserve your place early if you want to go!  We will have a final guest list a few weeks before the event and will contact you if you are on that final list.  And yes, it will be a fully-open bar from 8 to 10 pm, and then you will be allowed to stay in Marquee into the wee hours of the night/dawn.  Hope you can attend the party and take a break from the eyeball business!

(7/30/2015):  The Coding Product is here!!!

This tool is designed to introduce doctors and technicians to the basics in coding including:

     * Differences between eye codes and E&M codes
     * Criteria for each code level
     * When NOT to bill for things with modifiers
     * NCCI edits
     * PQRS criteria, and much more!

This tool can rapidly increase your collections and reduce your audits. It can get your ENTIRE office on the same page to reduce rejections. It also provides coding recommendations straight from the source.

This gives you the power to understand where all of the requirements come from so that you can adapt to a changing coding environment. Start empowering yourself to become a better coder today!

(3/12/15):  "Notes Export" function is back! We'll continue to watch its performance and influence on the behavior of the website.

(03/02/15):  We have just been alerted by our host that our websites will be down 1-2 hours for maintenance and security updates on 03/07/15 (Saturday).  We have been told that this will be from approximately 10 am to 1 pm Eastern Standard Time.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but our host just notified us about this today.

(03/05/15):  Due to the recent downtime incidents, we had to disable the "Export Notes" functionality.  Please contact support if you want us to export the notes for you (PDF only for now).  This would also work after the database reset (which normally hides your notes).  We apologize for the inconvenience.

(03/01/15):  Yes, it is crunch time for the OKAPs and WQE!  To reset your database, please click on the "Apply Database Reset" button that is located on your Dashboard.  Best of luck to everyone!  We know that you will succeed!

(02/06/15):  Some of you are wondering why you have no data in your "My Performance" section.  The most likely answer is that you reset your database too early.  Please remember that your performance is *locked* the first time you elect to reset your database after July 1st of a given academic year.  For example, let's say that you purchased a subscription on 12/07/14.  You then use up a few questions and then decide to reset your database on 12/08/14.  Guess what?!?  Your performance is now locked until July 1st, 2015!  We have to do this to ensure that the performance statistics actually mean something.  We will try to help people unlock their performances on an individual basis, but this is very time-consuming.  So please, if you want to generate performance statistics for the year, then do not reset your database until the last possible moment.  Thanks!

(02/02/15):  We apologize for the 1.5 hours of maintenance downtime that you may have experienced tonight.  We will try to give you additional warning that the website may be down, and for approximately how long.  Thank you for your patience during this very busy time of year!

(12/27/14):  Reminder: a free database reset option will be enabled on 01/01/15.  Click on the "Apply Database Reset" button located on your Dashboard to start the process of resetting.  This will let you reset your question database if you want.  Please note that you do NOT have to reset on 01/01/15.  Instead, you can wait until you are ready to start a fresh database.  Please remember that your "Cumulative Performance" and "Leaderboards" statistics are locked for the academic year after your first database reset.  Please note:  the support staff will not answer any e-mails about how to reset your database since it is a self-explanatory process.  Have a very happy new year!

(07/30/14):  Our new Posts feature is up and running!  Come read some fascinating articles by our impressive contributors who will give you some of their "pearls" on getting a jumpstart on your career in Ophthalmology.

(05/11/14):  We have a completely new "add-on" package specifically written for the "FRCOphth Part 2" exam.  It was written by a previous winner of the "Elizabeth Hunt" and "Brian Harcourt" medals (i.e. awarded for the highest marks).  The questions contained within that package are constantly updated and augmented by our experts.  It should definitely help you succeed with passing that exam.  All purchased "add-on" packages are active as long as your base subscription is active.  Purchase an add-on package today!

(3/29/14):  If you are studying for the EBOD (European Board of Ophthalmology Diploma), please e-mail us and we will change your "What test are you studying for?" property in your profile.  This will be helpful for your performance statistics calculations.  Best of luck!

(3/11/14):  The "Question Rating" functionality is now live!  You can now vote for whether you consider a question to be "Good" or "Bad".  You will see new buttons on the bottom of your testing screens.  Your votes will determine if a question will be kept, deleted, or modified.  Please vote on the overall quality of the question -- not because you got it wrong!  Thank you for your feedback and good luck on your upcoming board exams.
(3/3/14):  Some of you have asked how well OQ percentile scores correlate with the "real thing."  We have not undertaken a formal study about this correlation, but hope to do so sometime in the future.  From anecdotal reports, we have heard that our percentile scores are lower than the boards.  So do not despair if your scores seem low on OQ!  Best of luck to everyone on their board exams!

(1/1/14)  Happy New Year!  You now have a free Database reset option that you can apply at any time.  See the tab above entitled "Free Database Reset."  Please remember that your performance is LOCKED for this academic year (i.e. until 07/01/14) once you reset your question database.  In other words, your performance statistics will NOT be updated as you answer questions after you reset the database.  We must do this to preserve the validity of the percentile rankings and Leaderboard statistics.

(11/5/13)  "Premium Questions" are now available.  These completely-optional questions test super high yield topics.  Consider it as a nitro boost to your performance this year!

(10/12/13) You can now selectively review only the questions that have images associated with them!  Go to "My Tests" > "Seen Questions" to review these image-associated questions!