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I used the miLoop ( on approximately 10 cases this week.  I can honestly say that I wish I could use it on every single cataract case!  It basically allows you to transect any density of cataract into completely-separate pieces.  There are no left-over ridges or "jig saw" puzzle to worry about.

For "regular" cataracts, I just used a one-handed technique since the nucleus never torqued itself out of the bag. However, as you can see from this video, for very dense cataracts, you should use a 2nd instrument to provide some countertraction and to prevent the nucleus from tilting as the wire cuts through the nucleus.

This video starts after I have already stained the capsule with trypan blue and have performed a thorough hydrodissection. My apologies for my inefficiency in eating up the cataract.  The video is presented unedited so you can see my own personal struggles with red cataracts!

(I have no financial interest in this device... but I wish I owned equity in the company that makes it!)
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